50+ Must Know Facts About Bitcoin (Updated Aug 2018)

    Would you believe it if we told you back in 2010 someone purchased pizza for 10,000 BTC?

    I know what you’re thinking.

    “You’re having a laugh…”

    We’re not. This is a true story.

    On May 22 of 2010, a developer purchased 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC. As of today (August 2018), the price for a single bitcoin is just over $5000. If that developer had kept his 10,000 BTC, today it would be worth $50M.. yes, 50 million dollars. Imagine how he’s feeling. Ouch.

    Since 2010, the popularity for bitcoin has exploded. Not just bitcoin, but also the demand for other bitcoin related projects such as bitcoin gambling sites and bitcoin stores.

    The below bitcoin infographic (updated for 2018) will give you a much better understanding of this peculiar cryptocurrency and just how it came about. We guarantee you’ll learn something new about bitcoin.

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