The Rankwhizz team, as of 2018, consists of 6 members. We all love cryptocurrency and we’re a huge believer of blockchain technology.

    …and yes, you guessed it.

    We also love to gamble (responsibly).

    We decided to come together to create a website that shared honest, trustworthy and valuable information about bitcoin/crypto casinos. At the same time…

    We know the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow and it’s becoming more mainstream by the day.

    This is why we also share the latest news and guides related to cryptocurrency. The industry is still young and there’s so much to learn. We want to make that learning experience easier for you.

    Now… back to the topic of gambling.

    Hundreds of scam bitcoin/crypto casinos are popping up every week.

    We know other friends and family who have been scammed (casinos refusing to pay out their winnings) or have been through a negative experience.

    This is why we decided to create Rankwhizz. To share crypto casino reviews you can trust.

    We promise to never sacrifice our integrity.

    There will never be ads on this website. No sponsorships. No paid reviews.

    Everything you see on this website comes directly from the Rankwhizz team. We only recommend a casino site if we wholeheartedly believe it’s reliable. We want you to trust us.

    Have you seen our Top 10 Bitcoin Casinos of 2019 list yet? We spent $65,000 testing 25 different casino sites. The results were… interesting.

    And if you ever have any questions, we now offer Live Chat support (completely free).

    Our live chat support is completely free. No sneaky agendas!

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