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    Top 10 Best Bitcoin Casino Sites


    LAST UPDATED: October 4th 2018

    We spent 30 days testing 25 bitcoin casinos. We spent a total of $75,000. We won and lost money on all the gambling sites listed below. Some of the bitcoin casinos were shockingly bad and some of them were surprisingly impressive! 

    The cryptocurrency industry continues to spike in popularity. It’s evidently becoming more mainstream than ever… and the future looks very bright. As a result of this, the demand for bitcoin casinos is also on the rise.

    Are you wondering what the best bitcoin casino in 2019 is?

    It’s time you stopped wondering. We did all the hard work for you.

    We signed up and reviewed a total of 65 cryptocurrency gambling sites. We spent a total of $75,000 (and several weeks) across all 65 sites. To be precise, we played on:

    • 25 BTC Casinos
    • 10 Bitcoin Dice Sites
    • 10 Bitcoin Betting Sites
    • 10 BTC Poker Sites
    • 10 ETH Casinos

    We have decided to also test a few more (with our winnings). You’ll find all our bitcoin casino reviews by clicking here.

    This is exactly how we evaluated the bitcoin casino sites:

    1. We signed up to the site anonymously. This was important (duh!)
    2. We made our deposits and claimed any bonuses
    3. We then checked the various game providers and their history
    4. Once ready, we started to play games across multiple devices (the fun bit!)
    5. After playing, we reviewed the withdrawal process and Terms/Conditions
    6. We also sent messages to customer support to see how helpful they were
    7. At the end, we tallied all our pros/cons and gave the site a final score

    Unfortunately, not all of the 25 bitcoin casinos passed our test. 15 were so shockingly bad that we decided to remove them from our list immediately.

    Based on our thorough analysis and comparisons, we’ve ranked the Top 10 BTC casinos (in ascending order) below. We’ve done all the hard work for you! Just take your pick, deposit your crypto and have fun. You can also read a detailed review for each casino site by clicking “Read review“.

    Top 10 Bitcoin Casino Sites (2019)

    FortuneJack Review

    Welcome Pack 5 BTC

    7BitCasino Review

    Welcome Pack 5 BTC

    BitcoinCasino Review

    Welcome Pack 5 BTC

    CloudBet Review

    Welcome Pack 5 BTC

    DasIstCasino Review

    Welcome Pack 1.5 BTC

    mBit Casino Review

    Exclusive 110% Deposit Bonus

    BitStarz Review

    Welcome Pack 5 BTC

    BetChain Review

    Welcome Pack 1 BTC

    ArgoCasino Review

    Welcome Bonus €200

    ZigZag777 Review

    Welcome Pack €200


    Maybe you’re looking for a specific review?

    The above list we’ve compiled only includes our Top 10 bitcoin casino recommendations. However, here at Rankwhizz we’re always testing new casinos on a weekly basis. If you’re looking for a review on a specific bitcoin casino, try searching for it below.

    Best Bitcoin Casino Sites In 2019

    After a comprehensive 30 day review, here are the best bitcoin casino sites in 2019.

    1. FortuneJack – Welcome Pack 5 BTC + 250 Free Spins
    2. 7BitCasino – Welcome Pack 5 BTC + 100 Free Spins
    3. BitcoinCasino.us – Welcome Pack 5 BTC + 75 Free Spins
    4. CloudBet – Welcome Pack 5 BTC + 50 Free Spins
    5. DasIstCasino – Welcome Pack 1.5 BTC + 100 Free Spins
    6. mBit Casino – Exclusive 110% Deposit Bonus
    7. BitStarz – Welcome Pack 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins
    8. BetChain – Welcome Pack 1 BTC + 200 Free Spins
    9. Argo Casino – Welcome Bonus €200 + 20 Free Spins
    10. ZigZag777 – Welcome Pack €200

    Here’s a detailed report on how we review all the bitcoin casino sites:

    • We signed up to the site anonymously. This was important.

    We don’t inform the casino sites that we’re doing a review. This wouldn’t be fair. Instead, we sign up to the sites just like a regular person would. We complete the full verification process and wait for our accounts to be activated.

    • We made our deposits and claimed any bonuses.

    We then deposited our bitcoins and tracked how long the full process took (checking how long it takes for the bitcoins to arrive in our accounts). We also make sure to claim any bonuses that were available. After this, we read the Terms/Conditions for deposit and withdrawal information. If everything checks out, we move onto the next step.

    • We then checked the various game providers and their history.

    It’s important that a bitcoin casino’s game software providers are reputable and fair. We double checked to see if the games were implemented in a fair way. As well as this, we consulted with casino/gambling experts on forums to get their thoughts and professional opinions.

    • Once ready, we started to play games across multiple devices.

    It was now time to play! We tested the games on various devices (PC, Mac, Tablet & Mobile) and operating systems (Windows & iOS) to make sure there were no bugs or glitches. This was important because most people prefer playing the casino games on their mobile phones or tablets while on the go.

    • After playing, we reviewed the withdrawal process and Terms/Conditions.

    After we reached the minimum withdrawal requirements, we submitted a withdrawal request. We check how quickly the casino handles withdrawals and just how efficient the process is (checking speed, fairness and reliability).

    • We also sent messages to customer support to see how helpful they were.

    As with any business, customer service is important. We sent emails and messages to all the bitcoin casino sites with genuine questions. We didn’t just ask one, but various questions in order to gauge how helpful and responsive the customer support was. It was important we did this because a bitcoin casino site with poor customer support is a huge red flag. When you deposit your money on these sites, you expect them to treat you well. This is what we tested.

    • At the end, we tallied all our pros/cons and gave the site a final score.

    We gathered all our notes together and formed a conclusion for the site. We considered all the pros/cons and marked each site with a final score. We also asked for feedback from external cryptocurrency/gambling experts who were kind enough to share with us their personal experiences. In the end, we were left with a very detailed reflection of the quality of each bitcoin casino site we reviewed. The final step was removing any sites that were disappointing which ultimately left us with 10 high quality, reliable bitcoin casinos.

    In other words, we did ALL the hard work for you 😎

    Are you new to crypto gambling? Here are the basics.

    As we said at the start, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular. Along with this, the popularity and demand for crypto-related gambling has also been on the rise. The online gambling industry was quick to take advantage with an ingenious concept called “Provably Fair” gambling.

    What Is “Provably Fair” Gambling?

    Without going into the complex formula behind this, the provably fair protocol is a mathematical approach to verify the fairness of the casino when it comes to the gaming process. If a casino is following the Provably Fair protocol, it means you can be sure the casino is using software that is truly fair and free from 3rd party interference. In other words, there is no chance for the computer or software to tamper with the results. Everything is genuinely 100% random .

    Here’s a quick breakdown of how 100% randomness is achieved:

    1. The casino/software will shuffle the decks
    2. The gambler (you) will receive a hash (which is a cryptographic representation of the value generated from the shuffle)
    3. As the card is being dealt to you, the gambler (you) provides a seed for the hash. A seed is essentially a number that the casino site has no way of knowing in advance, thanks to the Provably Fair protocol. This is done by your browser so most of the times you won’t have to do anything
    4. The seed updates the hash, which means the value the hash represents changes. In other words, the seed will change the dealt card randomly
    5. The gambler (you) will now receive the card that is truly randomly generated by the hash and the seed

    And here’s a breakdown on verifying 100% fairness:

    1. The deck is usually laid out for review and inspection
    2. The gambler (you) can decrypt the original hash provided by the casino/software. This will allow you to easily confirm the order of the cards
    3. The gambler (you) can then add the seed and see how it affects the final outcome for the particular hand. If both the original hash and the seed generates the results that played out, it’s safe to say the hand is “proven” to be 100% fair

    Please don’t worry if you don’t understand the above methodology. We agree it’s quite confusing and most people won’t understand the complex mathematics behind this. However, in layman’s terms: the Provably Fair protocol ensures complete fairness. 

    By understanding these basics, you’ll find our bitcoin casino reviews far more helpful and informative!

    Advantages Of Bitcoin & Crypto Casinos

    Compared to traditional online casinos, bitcoin/crypto casinos have their own unique advantages.

    Transactions are quick!

    Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) transactions are very fast.. and most of all, easy. All you require is a bitcoin wallet to get started. For example, withdrawing your funds on a traditional casino to your credit card or bank account normally takes a few days. With a bitcoin casino, you can withdraw and successfully receive your funds within a few hours (or even minutes!)

    Once you receive the bitcoins to your wallet, you can move these to a cryptocurrency exchange and convert them into fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, etc).

    Your funds are more secure!

    You probably know this already. Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) are extremely secure. This is what makes them so popular amongst people. High security is a wonderful feature with blockchain technology. Unlike bank wires and credit card payments, your funds are more secure and once you receive your withdrawals from the casinos, they cannot be reversed.

    Is Bitcoin/Crypto Gambling Illegal?

    No! Since 2015, bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling in the USA (and other countries) is 100% legal. However, we recommend you always double check the laws in your country for the most up to date information.

    How To Fund Your Bitcoin Casino Account

    You can skip this section if you already own bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies).

    For those of you who have never dealt with crypto before, this might sound confusing and complex… but honestly, it’s not! Follow our 3 easy steps below.

    1. Deposit funds into your bitcoin wallet – If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet yet, click here to create one. It only takes a few minutes and registration is free and simple
    2. Create your casino account and deposit your funds – Once you’ve created an account on the casino site, look for a button that says “Deposit”. You’ll see a deposit address which you need to copy. For example, the address may look something like: 1BoatSQRHtOJngkdPEeobR76b53LETtpyT
    3. Make your deposit – Once you’ve copied the deposit address, go back to your bitcoin wallet. Look for the “Send BTC/Payment” button and paste in the deposit address you copied from the previous step
    4. Finally, enter in how much you’d like to send to your casino account

    Now sit back, make yourself a cup of coffee and hold tight. Within an hour or so, refresh your casino account and you should see your newly updated account balance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How can I buy bitcoin?

    You can buy bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) through different exchanges and brokerage sites. Click here for a detailed walkthrough. Honestly, it’s really simple!

    Q. What is a bitcoin wallet?

    A bitcoin wallet essentially acts like your personal wallet where you keep your bank cards, cash and other important accessories. It’s designed to store your bitcoins, just like a normal wallet stores your cash. Click here to create a bitcoin wallet (it’s free!)

    Q. Can I gamble from anywhere in the world?

    Bitcoin and crypto gambling is legal in most countries. However, there are still a few countries who are yet to provide a statement regarding their laws. For this reason, we recommend double checking the laws in your specific country for the most up to date information. For those of you in the USA, you have nothing to worry about. Bitcoin/crypto gambling is 100% legal.

    Q. Is there anything else I should look out for with a bitcoin casino?

    Yes, you need to ensure the casino site you’re using has a certified licence. Just because a casino site uses a Provably Fair protocol, doesn’t mean they can’t be a scam. There are lots of bitcoin/crypto casinos out there in 2019 that are scams and will refuse to pay out your winnings. This is why it’s important to always do your reseach first before signing up to these casinos. This is exactly why we at Rankwhizz have compiled this Top 10 bitcoin casinos list.

    Q. What does Rankwhizz get from all this??

    Good question! Here at Rankwhizz, our expert team review various crypto gambling sites and casinos. This may seem like an easy or straightforward task but it’s really not. We sign up to hundreds of casino sites, complete verification phases and deposit our own funds (from our pockets) into the accounts in order to test them out. In other words, we’re sort of like a market research team. The average market research analyst makes $50,000/year. The Rankwhizz team consists of 6 members. If you were a business, you would need to pay our team around $300,000/year if you wanted us to research, analyze and review your competitors.

    Till date, we’ve spent close to $75,000 testing various crypto casinos. We’ve filtered through hundreds of casino sites in our time and we only share the best ones with you. When you sign up to any of the casino sites recommended by us, we make a very small referral fee – which allows us to recoup a small percentage of the expenses we incurred when carrying out the research. We make the rest of our income by winning on the casino sites 😉

    With this being said, we guarantee all our reviews are free from bias and thoroughly researched. We only share the best bitcoin and crypto casinos with you, period.

    On behalf of the entire Rankwhizz team, we wish you all the best with your *sensible* gambling and we hope you make some nice moolah. As always, remember to gamble responsibly.